Foam Block Building

June 20, 2020

Design and construct your own imaginary world and learn shapes at the same time.

Michelle Minor offers a fun, creative way to playfully explore shapes, colors, balance, and composition with foam blocks and foam soap as materials. 

Materials | Supplies

  • bath soap foam
  • plastic container, sink, bathtub
  • foam or wooden blocks
  • water
  • towel
  • scooping tools, spoons (optional)

Concepts Explored

  • critical thinking
  • spatial awareness
  • fine motor skills
  • creativity

Discovery Starters

What happens to the foam in the water?

How else can you use these materials?

Do all blocks stack the same way? 

Explore Further

Try to build a tall tower. Do some shapes stack better than others?

Try to make a bridge or an other structure that open space inside. What are the the challenges? 

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