Floss Boss

May 28, 2021

Think flossing is just a trendy (is it still) dance move? Think again. 

Michaela Boyd explores the importance of busting some moves with dental floss to remove plaque from your teeth and keep that beautiful smile. 

Additional Resources

Need to make slime or dough? These AmazeumYOU videos will help. 

AmazeumYOU Butter Slime | AmazeumYOU Fluffy Slime | AmazeumYOU Playdough

Materials | Supplies

  • ice cube tray, muffin tin, mini muffin tin
  • play dough, slime, salt dough
  • toothbrush, nail brush, paintbrush
  • yarn, string, twine, tape
  • scissors

Concepts Explored

  • fine motor skills
  • dental hygiene
  • friction

Discovery Starters

Which floss materials worked best, why? 

How long does it take to remove all the plaque?

What challenges did you discover while flossing? 

Explore Further

Try flossing with real dental floss. Why is the floss so thin? 

What happens if you let the material (dough or slime) dry on the "teeth?" Is it harder or easier to remove? Why?