Dragon Linkages

July 16, 2020

Wondering how to animate your dragon? (Or any fantastic creation you can make.) 

Cami Hedstrom connects the parts you'll need to make your imaginations move with a simple system of linkages that will take your creation to new heights.  

Materials | Supplies

  • 12 craft sticks
  • hole punch
  • 10 metal brads
  • construction paper
  • googly eyes
  • masking tape
  • scissors

Concepts Explored

  • chain reactions
  • cause and effect
  • forces and motion
  • engineering
  • creativity

Discovery Starters

Did your first linkage move the way you predicted?

Could you engineer a different linkage to make your dragon differently?

What materials could you use instead of craft sticks and metal brads?


Explore Further

How long, tall, or wide can you make linkages?

What challenges do you face when trying to add more linkages together? 

Where else in the world do you see linkages? Do they all operate the same way? 


Additional Resources

Motion by Andrea Rivera

All Kinds of Motion by Jennifer Waters

How do Objects Move by Laura Sullivan

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