DIY Funnel Horn

May 19, 2020  |   Sound, Upcycling, Maker in Residence

You don't need expensive instruments to make music when Maker in Residence Steve Parker is in the house. 

Austin-based artist, musician, curator and educator Steve Parker is known for creatively repurposing common items into musical instruments inspiring everyone to grab whatever's laying around and explore sound.

Materials | Supplies

  • brass or copper pipe fitting 1/2" to 3/4" converter
  • 6 feet of garden hose
  • large funnel
  • duct tape
  • scissors

Concepts Explored

  • sound
  • vibrations
  • upcycling

Discovery Starters

Why do you think the mouthpiece is needed? Did you try to play the funnel horn without it? 

How does the sound change if you leave off the funnel?

What would happen with a longer of shorter length of hose? 

How do you change the pitch of your funnel horn?

Explore Further

Do you think you could make other DIY instruments?

Experiment with other sized funnels or lengths of hose. What happens to the sound? 

What happens if a milk carton or a plastic bottle is used instead of a funnel? 

Additional Resources

Explore the art of Steve Parkers on his website.

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