DIY Didgeridoo

May 23, 2020  |   Sound, Discovery, Making

The sound from this simple instrument is unmistakeable and resonates throughout the world. 

Steve Parker, Amazeum Maker in Residence, creates a Didgeridoo from common materials and shares the secret to making the variety of sounds the for which the instrument is known. 

Materials | Supplies

  • 2 inch PVC pipe 3 feet long
  • PVC pipe coupling 

Concepts Explored

  • sound
  • vibration
  • making
  • upcycled instruments

Discovery Starters

Why do you think the Didgeridoo sounds like it does?

How do you change the tones when playing?

What else could you make a Didgeridoo from? What characteristics would the materials need? 

Explore Further

The Aboriginal people of Australia created the Didgeridoo. Do some research and discover more about them. 

Could you make other DIY instruments from upcycled materials?

Additional Resources

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Steve Parkers' website

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