DIY Balloon Saxophone

May 20, 2020  |   Sound, Upcycling, Making

When you blow up a balloon, hold the opening, and slowly release the air it sounds like a . . . saxophone, right? 

Amazeum Maker in Residence Steve Parker is back with another instrument that you can make with common materials and redefining making music in the process.

Materials | Supplies

  • Plastic water bottle
  • balloon
  • cardboard tube from paper towel, aluminum foil, etc.
  • scissors

Concepts Explored

  • sound
  • upcycling
  • vibration
  • making

Discovery Starters

If you cut small holes in the cardboard tube, what happens? 

When you wiggle the tube or the balloon, how does the sound change?

Would the sound change if you used a longer of shorter tube? Why or Why not? 

Explore Further

Get creative with materials around your house and make instruments for a band. 

Try other materials instead of a cardboard tube in this activity. 

Additional Resources

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