Amazeum YOU Experiences

Simple Sewing

Sewing is a time-tested way to join all kinds of materials together. Alivia Broadway stitches together the information you need to begin making sewn items on your own.

 |  Making, Materials, Coordination


Quilling is an interesting way to create shapes that become incredible works of art when you apply your imagination. The Amazeum team put together this blog post to get you started quilling and creating.

 |  Making, Creativity, Tools


Weave trash into treasures, upcycle and make your own material.
Alivia Broadway show you the process for creating an unusual material from an all too common resource as she makes plastic yarn (or plarn in Amazeum speak).

 |  Making, Art, Materials


Pompoms add a little puff of bling to anything. And they are also great additions to experiences like sensory boxes, built boats, air powered vehicles, and almost any creative task. Here's how to make you own unique pompom. 

 |  Creativity, Making, Fiber Art

Sensory Bins

Adventure, exploration and discovery is right at your fingertips.
Michelle Minor gets your hands-on exploration of the world started with some suggestions for sensory discovery. 

 |  Observation, Discovery, Tactile