Amazeum YOU Experiences

Chalk Shadows

Creativity shines when you imagine what is in the space around your shadow. Hayley Gastineau sheds some light on using your shadow as the starting point for art. You'll have to work quickly because shadows only stay in place for so long before they move on. 

Dancing Drawings

Some materials just don't want to stick together. And that's when the fun begins in this experiment.  Jason Quail discovers the difference between permanent and erasable makers in this unbelievable activity with so many creative possibilities. 

Fireworks in a Jar

Capture an explosion of color in a bottle by mixing liquids in this creative experiment.Mark Heinen sparks your exploration of liquids and the reaction when oil and water attempt to mix with spectacular results. Set the camera to slow motion for this one. 

Light Painting

Not all paintings last for thousands of years. Some are gone in a flash, unless you capture them. Joel Gordon powers up creativity with this activity that uses light to paint images that can be captured with photos or video. 

Chromatography Color Detective

How many colors are in black? Or red, orange, blue, or yellow? Conduct this experiment and all will be revealed.Nikkie Schmeisser explores the colors within the color in this simple experiment that breaks down colors to the core hues. 

DIY Didgeridoo

The sound from this simple instrument is unmistakeable and resonates throughout the world. Steve Parker, Amazeum Maker in Residence, creates a Didgeridoo from common materials and shares the secret to making the variety of sounds the for which the instrument is known. 

 |  Sound, Discovery, Making

Metal Noise Maker

Think you know how sound travels best? You might be surprised to find out that it's all in your head.Jacob Copps discovers how sound travels by banging items against a wall, table or chair to make sounds in his head, and you can too.

 |  Science, Sound, Exploration

DIY Balloon Saxophone

When you blow up a balloon, hold the opening, and slowly release the air it sounds like a . . . saxophone, right? Amazeum Maker in Residence Steve Parker is back with another instrument that you can make with common materials and redefining making music in the process.

 |  Sound, Upcycling, Making

Cup Phones

Before cellular service, telephones were connected by wires. How'd that work? Jacob Copps rings up a simple experiment that sounds too easy to be cool. But generations of kids have wondered at the incredible ability of sound to travel through cups, cans, and a string. 

 |  Sound, Technology, Making

DIY Funnel Horn

You don't need expensive instruments to make music when Maker in Residence Steve Parker is in the house. Austin-based artist, musician, curator and educator Steve Parker is known for creatively repurposing common items into musical instruments inspiring everyone to grab whatever's laying around and explore sound.

 |  Sound, Upcycling, Maker in Residence