Amazeum YOU Experiences

Floss Boss

Think flossing is just a trendy (is it still) dance move? Think again. Michaela Boyd explores the importance of busting some moves with dental floss to remove plaque from your teeth and keep that beautiful smile. 

Building with Fruits & Veggies

When is it ok to play with your food? When you're building creativity and good eating habits at the same time. Emerson Johnson explores the creative possibilities of different healthy fruits and vegetables in your refrigerator.

Bridges, Bots and Buildings

Buildings and bridges have a lot in common. But Bots? Discover the connections between these structures with this activity from the 3M Tinkering Hub. Amazeum Tinkering Lead Alicia Jones introduces an activity that builds creative problem-solving skills and connects architecture, engineering, and technology. 

Sticks and Bands

Are all structures built the same way in the same place? Or does the environment and landforms affect how a structure is built?Amazeum Tinkering Lead Alicia Jones introduces an activity to engineer a structure that can withstand the elements and keep its occupants safe. Use your imagination to create an environment for your characters and build them a home. 

Zoetrope Animation

Animate your drawings with a low-tech device called a Zoetrope and watch as images come to life. Amazeum Tinkering Lead Alicia Jones gets you started making art move with a simple device that spins up your creativity. 

Scribble Machines

Engineer a machine to express your creativity by coloring outside the lines.

Dragon Linkages

Wondering how to animate your dragon? (Or any fantastic creation you can make.) 

Confetti Poppers

Let's get this party started with an air propulsion system that you can make.Jacob Copps gets you started on an open-ended project that lets you control the force of air to send things flying. 

Cranky Contraptions

Crank up your creativity with this activity from the 3M Tinkering Hub and make an automata to bring a story to life. Kaitlyn Chandler engineers a way to upcycle packing materials into small movable toys. Just because they're cranky, doesn't mean they're not fun to make. 

Mud Kitchen

Cook up some no fail, messy recipes for discovering creative play with all natural, organic ingredients.Nicole Wachholtz combines all the ingredients necessary for an outdoor "cooking" adventure. Culinary discovery awaits, taste tests not required.