Water Painting

April 9, 2020

When it is ok to paint on walls, sidewalks, rocks and other surfaces? When you paint with water! 

Amazeum Play Facilitator Esme Aldaco introduces you to the joy of painting with water to express your creativity. But you'll have to be quick about capturing your creations, especially on a sunny day. 

Materials | Supplies

  • paint brushes
  • yarn
  • cotton swabs
  • cloth scraps
  • cup, bucket, bowl for water
  • towel
  • dark surface in the sun

Concepts Explored

  • states of matter
  • evaporation
  • fine-motor skills
  • creativity

Discovery Starters

Describe what happens to your painting. How does sunlight and shadow change what happens?

Do all surfaces you paint look the same? Why not?

What happens to the water after a short time? 


Explore Further

Fill a cup with water and observe what happens over a few weeks. 

Put a cup in a sunny space and a shady space and see what happens. 


Additional Resources

Auntie Luce's Talking Paintings by Francie Latour

Let's Paint! by Gabriel Alborozo

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