Sensory Bins

April 29, 2020  |   Observation, Discovery, Tactile

Adventure, exploration and discovery is right at your fingertips.

Michelle Minor gets your hands-on exploration of the world started with some suggestions for sensory discovery. 

Materials | Supplies

  • shoebox
  • large mixing bowl
  • basket
  • plastic tray or container
  • baking pan
  • small loose natural, mechanical, or edible materials
  • pompoms, small toys, stones, etc.
  • measuring cups, spoons
  • recycled containers, paper towel rolls
  • tongs, funnels

Concepts Explored

  • fine motor skills
  • observation
  • questioning
  • tactile 
  • hand-eye coordination
  • pre-writing skills

Discovery Starters

What tools can be used to move the materials?

Do some work better than others to move large and small amounts?

Can you make a pattern or create art from the materials?

What do you touch, see, smell, hear when you play?

Explore Further

Create sensory bins using themes for colors, shapes, special occasions.

Change out an item or two in the bin and have a treasure hunt.

Encourage your child to make a sensory bin based on interest.

Additional Resources

Busy Toddler website: Sensory Bin Basics

Chaos and Clutter website: What's the Point of Sensory Bins