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Founded on the principle that curious, creative community learns together, the Scott Family Amazeum ignites the imagination of children and families with interactive Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math activities and experiences that allow for hands-on exploration and discovery.  

The Scott Family Amazeum's interactive exhibits, unique "pop-up" activities, and zinglets (ask a play facilitator) are inspired by the landscape, culture, and innovative spirit of the region. Each experience and activity enable discovery and learning through play. The Amazeum also hosts traveling exhibits from across the country. 

Special Exhibits

Eat Well, Play Well | October 27 - January 20, 2019

What is in the food we eat? Are fruits and vegetables important? Can everyday activities burn calories? Families, children and school groups will find the answers to these questions by exploring nutrition and fitness in Eat Well, Play Well. This interactive exhibit encourages healthy living by teaching the science of making healthy food choices and helping children and adults discover that there are many fun and interesting ways to stay active. Eat Well, Play Well was created by Oregon Museum of Science and Industry and is made possible by the Discovery Network. Come Bien, Juega Bien, se presenta en inglés y español.

Magnificent Me | October 27 - May 12, 2019

The human body is filled with systems. Like a magnificent machine, our body automatically performs thousands of functions each day. Magnificent Me is an interactive exhibit that opens up the body to explore muscles and bones, heart and lungs, brain and nerves, digestive and other systems that keep us alive and well. Inside Magnificent Me, you can pump a heart, stretch intestines, manipulate bones, and more. Interactive exhibits explore the blood, guts, bones, brains, senses, and amazing mechanisms that make us, well us. 

Forever Forrest | Coming May 2019

If you guessed that this exhibit is about trees - you're correct! Forever Forrest is all about trees and the sustainable use of wood. The centerpiece of Forever Forrest is a tree climbing structure. Other experiences show the steps in processing trees into lumber, how lumber is transported, and a fun-in-the-forest activity area. 


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The Scott Family Amazeum is a hands-on, interactive museum for children and families located in Bentonville, Ark. A museum with a foundation in the arts and sciences, the Amazeum encourages creativity, curiosity and community through exhibits, educational collaboration, and programs, workshops and camps. Amazeum experiences include a climbable tree canopy, indoor cave, tinkering hub, nearly one acre of outdoor space, and ever-evolving daily pop-up activities.



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