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It's been a challenging year to keep curiosity soaring to new heights for families and children of all ages.


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Your donation to the Curiosity Fund adds fuel to continue bringing unique experiences in the arts and sciences to the community now and in the future. 

As an organization whose mission is to create hands-on, interactive experiences that ignite curiosity, wonder, discovery and exploration, the Scott Family Amazeum met the challenge by creating virtual experiences and reaching out to support the community while temporarily closing from March 13 through July 15.


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While our commitment to fueling curiosity in the community remains strong, our ability to meet your needs is being threatened. We need your help. 

Half of our annual budget comes from attendance-driven revenue including admission, memberships, concessions, and the Curiosity Corner museum store.

Shutting our doors to support efforts to contain COVID-19 during the time of year when we experience our greatest number of guest visits and reopening with limited capacity significantly impacts our ability to continue providing hands-on, interactive experiences in the arts and sciences to a curious, creative community. 

Amazeum CF Bar Graph

We are expecting to lose more that $1.5 million in admission-driven revenue by the summer of 2021.

As challenging as this might sound, there is good news. 

Amazeum partners and supporters provided enough fuel to sustain our work, narrowing the gap from $1.5 million to $500,000. 

We need your help to top off the tank and fill the gap! Your gift of any amount will continue to provide interactive and educational content at the Amazeum and online. 

It's a different world. 

The "normal" we knew may be a long way off. We are doing our part to adapt and create rich learning experiences that spark creativity, build community and fuel curiosity at a time when the world needs creativity, wonder, exploration, discovery and curiosity. 

We believe you agree. 

 Give Today!


Thank you for refueling curiosity. 

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