Unfield Trips = Impact on Student Learning

January 3, 2017

Following your class visit the Scott Family Amazeum on an Unfield Trip, we mail out postcards for your students to reflect on their Unfield Trip experience. The students respond to one of these prompts:         

After visiting the Amazeum,

  • I am more curious about ____.
  • An idea I had from visiting the Amazeum was _____.
  • The Amazeum made me wonder about ____.
  • After visiting the Amazeum, I want to become an expert in _____.
  • If I were a scientist, I would explore _____.

Then, the teacher mails them back to the Amazeum so that we can hear about your experiences.

Take a look at some postcard reflections from this year’s Unfield Trips!

“The Amazeum made me wonder about….EVERYTHING! Engineering, science, what the heck, I never knew these things but now I know. I wanna ask stuff like what’s this, why does that happen, how does that happen? Thanks for making me smarter.”

“The Amazeum made me wonder about crystals. And how they are so shiny. They make me want to do more research about rocks and crystals. They make me want to know what kind of rock is crystal.”

“The Amazeum made me wonder about science. Ever since then I have been doing experiments in my room. I read more nonfiction books to find out things. I even listen in class more! Thank you for letting me come to the Amazeum.”