Creativity. Curiosity. Community.

February 2, 2017

Creativity. Curiosity. Community.

These three words are guiding forces in our work here at the Scott Family Amazeum. We would like to share with you a wonderful moment of Community.

Without Creativity we would not have art. We would not enjoy many of the technical advances that improve our quality of life and health. We would not have beautiful and challenging pieces of literature or astounding musical arrangements. The world would be a lot less interesting.

Curiosity sparks us to drive even further, to push ourselves a little more when we didn’t think it was possible. Without Curiosity, humankind would have never stepped foot on the moon, nor even contemplate traveling to Mars. Oceans would remain uncharted. The world would be a lot smaller.

As an organization propelled into being by grassroots efforts, Community is not only our physical environment, it is what we continually strive to foster. Without Community, Creativity and Curiosity would not be as rich, nor as hopeful. Our team diligently pursues expanding our Community each and every day.

Over the weekend, we hosted international students from the University of Arkansas. They proudly and happily shared their Indonesian culture with our guests. In fact, guests were waiting for them to set up on Saturday morning. The students shared games, artifacts, foods and traditions from their homeland.

The interactions between the students and Amazeum visitors opened dialogue, perspective and understanding. It was a positive experience for everyone. We are kicking off a series of these cultural spotlights in the coming months. Each spotlight will be an opportunity to learn more about the rich diversity of our wider community in Northwest Arkansas. Each will be an opportunity to explore a different view of creativity, to satisfy some curiosity and to include more of our community.

We are excited that the diverse community can come together here at the Scott Family Amazeum. Our next Community Spotlight will Sat., Feb. 11, 10 am until noon. Chinese students with the International Culture Team from the Office of International Students and Scholars at the University of Arkansas will be here to share traditions and cultures from China. Join us!