Maddy Adkins Summer Camp Intern: Camp DEAI Assessment

August 4, 2022

Please share out about the camp DEAI assessment. What was it and how did it go? What data do you think will be helpful to future programs? What would you change about the assessment if you did it again. 

maddyadkins 2


The Diversity, Equity, Adversity, and Inclusivity assessment has been ongoing throughout the summer. Educators have been tasked with collecting data concerning things that are said, done, or experienced with campers that might be considered under the aforementioned topics. Being that I did this last summer, I can confidently say that less data was collected, or at least recorded, than that of last summer. Moving forward, I believe to most accurately recall scenarios and guarantee the recording of such instances, DEAI assessments should be done during debrief each day. However, we have had campers with exceptionalities that I have selected to share as case studies.


These case studies will provide information concerning what the campers struggled with, how the educators handled their behavior and struggles, and how we can better future interactions with campers with such exceptionalities.