Unfield Trip Tools: 4th-6th grade

Grade Level Guide: 4th-6th Grade

Amazeum AIR (Amaze, Investigate, Relate) Activity:
       AIR Card
       AIR Post Activity: PDF or Google Slide       

Hershey's Lab workshops FAQ

Curiosity Starters- 4th Grade
Curiosity Starters- 5th Grade
Curiosity Starters- 6th Grade


Parent Letter template- English
Parent Letter template- Spanish
Parent Letter template- Marshallese
Parent Letter template- Hmong

Student Grouping Planner: 4th-6th Grade

Pre-Visit Activities
       Discover Erosion: 4th grade
       Switch On Switch Off: 4th grade
       Alarming: 4th grade
       Clay Caves: 4th and 5th grade
       Geodes: 4th and 5th grade
       Birds We Know: 4th and 6th grade
       Thunder: 4th-6th grade

Post-Visit Activities
       All Nails Review: 4th grade     
       Open Circuit, Closed Circuit: 4th grade  
       Sedimentation Jar: 4th-5th grade
       Stalactite and Stalagmite: 4th-5th grade
       Different Point of View: 4th-5th grade
       Erosion Community: 4th-5th grade
       Ice Tray Battery: 4th-6th grade
       Web of Life in a Cave: 5th grade
       Weather Sayings-True or False: 5th-6th grade 
       Bird Beaks: 6th grade       

Ice Explorations Inquiry 

Mouse Trap Educational Resource

Common Core connections to Scott Family Amazeum Exhibits: 4th-6th Grade

Next Generation Science Standards connections to Scott Family Amazeum Exhibits: 4th-6th Grade

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